Here at Icons studio, we provide a full range of creative services such as Videography and artist/talent Promotion.

We explore fresh ideas and inventive techniques suited to you or your project. With everything we have to offer, we can make anything possible! So get in touch to see how we can bring your vision to life.

Our Services


If you are a signed to Icons Talent Agency, and are looking for a new way to push yourself in the direction of TV and film, then a showreel is for you! A Showreel is a professional video shoot, showcasing you for up to 1minute on how you move and act in front of the camera! By having a showreel it allows us to be able to potentially get you to skip the test shoot stage which delays you being selected for the job even if you were already the right fit. It will also develop your portfolio and increase your exposure in the industry.

From ensuring you have the perfect location, right down to the editing process, ICONS studio will personalise your video content to showcase you and your abilities. We are able to plan and present your visual needs to bring life to your portfolio.


As a creative studio, not only do we offer our services to models looking to excel in the industry, but we have everything you need to provide creative promotional content for any of your upcoming projects. Ranging from album cover shoots to behind the scenes studio sessions and dance classes, the team here at ICONS studio can capture your creative process from beginning to end. With a studio space, and the ability to scout perfect locations, we can explore your vision. We offer our expertise across social media and digital content to help you promote yourself and your work.

Studio Hire

Our studio space based in the City of Derby, offers a variety of backdrops, studio lighting and LED coloured lighting to provide a diverse creative space. We offer studio hire for a standard rate per hour.


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